My current method of tidying up is to put all the stuff that I can’t yet find a place for in a spare bedroom prior to either discarding it or ‘storing’ it in the attic. In the attic I have 3 large crates of books which haven’t seen the light of day for at least 5 years. I know I will never throw them away – whatever else goes, I love shelves of books. Which leaves me in a quandary because I am now carrying a library in my handbag. The kindle is a marvellous gadget and means that I am never without something to read – but I no longer have the visible book to pick up and love. Am I happy to swap the paper copies for the convenience of a gadget? You bet I am – it will give me so much more physical space for other things, although I will still keep my existing physical library – it’s nice to look at. It just won’t get much bigger. Unfortunately I am just as bad at discarding e-books as I am at paper ones -it’s just as well that there is plenty of virtual space.