It’s always interesting when you get a group of people together to talk about the issues and opportunities of major changes that they are going through.   You can bargain on specific issues always coming out and, true to form, a recent exercise I attended surfaced some of the same things.  It doesn’t make them less real though.  Things like:

  • -resistance to change
  • -lack of trust in what they are being told
  • -danger of silos being created
  • -not having the tools/technology to do the job
  • -losing expertise (but, on the plus side, having access to a wider base of expertise after consolidation)

Fortuitously, I came across an article that talked about this, to some extent .  It covers the danger of teamwork actually causing silos as well as being needed to overcome them.  It then belies its technical origins by concentrating for a large part of the article on how to go about effective documentation.  However, this is also a serious point and I have come to realise that, in my enthusiasm for the sexier approaches such as ONA, I sometimes forget that the basics are even more important.  If you have to work with new teams across several sites, one of the keys is to have really good documentation in a common format.  Engendering trust is also necessary – but if you can see that your new colleagues are taking the trouble to create helpful documentation, and can admire its quality, that is a significant step towards creating this trust.